FAQs and answers - IP@ND

What is Innovation Park at Notre Dame (IPND)?

Innovation Park at Notre Dame is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization wholly owned by the University of Notre Dame.

The mission of Innovation Park is to facilitate the transformation of innovations into viable marketplace ventures. To accomplish this mission, IPND convenes innovators from different sectors, including faculty, students, alumni, and partners of the University of Notre Dame. 


What are the benefits of locating at IPND?

Innovation Park exists to serve innovators and their businesses.  IPND is prepared to assist companies that have signed leases with the Park or prospective clients that wish to learn more about the Park’s offerings.

Innovation Park offers companies space and services tailored to meet their specific needs, allowing innovators to focus on achieving their business milestones efficiently and expediently.  IPND is prepared to serve clients with needs across a range of business development stages, from incubation to acceleration. IPND also has space and services available for established companies licensing technology from Notre Dame or those with “intrapreneurial” venturing needs.


Innovation Park is located on 12 acres adjacent to Notre Dame’s campus.  Its first building is 55,000 square feet, with the following types of space available:

Greenhouse:  The Greenhouse is unique space intended to foster innovation for ventures in their earliest stages of development.  Based on the principle that dynamic collaboration results in more commercially viable ventures, the Greenhouse provides space and technology for new ventures to brainstorm and collaborate with business advisors and market experts on critical commercialization issues.


Private offices:  Custom-built private offices are available for companies who require more extensive space for their employees and business activities. Private offices can be build in tandem with laboratory space if required.


Laboratory space:  Wet and dry laboratory space can be custom built for clients who have technology or business requirements that may require more specialized space, including the use of water, direct ventilation and specialized pipe utilities.


More customized space solutions can always be discussed with the Park.

A mixed-use facility, the building also features collaborative spaces, conference rooms and common areas. A multitude of flexible workspaces and collaboration tools, combined with high-technology equipment and virtually unlimited bandwidth via the region’s dark-fiber network allow clients to thrive in an environment conducive to innovative thinking, collaboration and business growth.


Advisory Support—Innovation Park works closely with clients to assess and develop their ventures’ business potential by assisting with feasibility analysis, market assessment and segmentation, business plan refinement, and general business support. Clients have access to Park staff, business advisors and professional service providers drawn from the Park’s network of resources.  For ventures in their earliest stages, Innovation Park can help facilitate the business formation process and assist in determining very critical early milestones to catalyze business growth.

Business Networking—By building strong relationships with industry experts, potential customers, leadership talent, service providers, and others, the Park can provide its clients with timely access to resources that are essential for successful commercial development.

Contact with Early Stage Capital Providers—Innovation Park cultivates relationships with investors and other providers of early-stage funding so that clients can explore appropriate funding avenues and have strong leads for funding resources when they need capital to support the growth of their ventures.


Where is Innovation Park at Notre Dame located?

Innovation Park’s physical and mailing address is:


1400 E. Angela Blvd.

South Bend, IN 46617

Phone: 574-631-8825



What is the difference between the Office of Technology Transfer and Innovation Park at Notre Dame?

The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) is a Notre Dame administrative office that protects and licenses University technologies. OTT works with faculty from the earliest stages of invention through to patenting, marketing, and licensing their technologies.

IPND is a non-profit organization wholly owned by Notre Dame that provides space and a range of services, including business advisory support and networking assistance.  IPND client companies will typically be interested in commercializing University technologies or engaging in collaborative research with ND faculty.  Companies may also engage with IPND to take advantage of Park space, services and access to other University talent and resources.

How do the Office of Technology Transfer and Innovation Park at Notre Dame work together?

While each has a distinct role in helping commercialize ND technologies, OTT and IPND work closely together to engage faculty in the process of moving their technologies out of the University and into industry.  Faculty should feel comfortable talking with representatives of either office about the tech transfer process, recognizing that OTT will generally take the lead on the front end of the process and that IPND can play a crucial role in helping marshal the resources that a new start-up company needs.