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If you have questions concerning the invention disclosure and commercialization process please visit our new E-Learning center, OTT on-Demand.

This site will launch in a new window and is self-guided tutorial covering a number of aspects related to the management of intellectual property.

If you're making your first invention disclosure, or could benefit from refreshing your knowledge in this area, please take some time to look over the information presented.

OTT's Technology Evaluation Timeline

Inventors interested in understanding OTT's process of evaluating inventions for protection and commercialization are encouraged to read the attached Technology Evaluation Timeline. These guidelines are provided to clarify the steps OTT takes during the first 12 months after inventions are reported. This month-by-month summary highlights activities and decision points during the critical first year.

 OTT Technology Evaluation Timeline - Year 1


Intellectual Property Policy

Patents, copyrights and other forms of intellectual property deriving from University Research are managed under the University's Intellectual Property policy .  This and other University policies can be found at

Reference Materials for the University Inventor

Basics of IP in the University Environment











America Invents Act Signed into law - US Becomes a First Inventor to File Patent System as of March 16, 2013








Affiliated Offices at the University of Notre Dame

The following offices and organizations provide valuable support to researchers interested in the commercialization of their technologies.  Researchers and students involved or interested in the patenting and commercialization process may want to consider contacting and working with one or more of the following organizations.



Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic

Free clinic in the School of Law providing assistance to clients with transactional legal issues involving intellectual property law.

Director - Professor Jodi Clifford






Provides office, laboratory, collaborative space, support services, and commercialization network to foster all types of ventures in various stages of development.

Entrepreneurship Master's Program



Masters program focused on a deep understanding of the market critical aspects of technology commercialization.  Students in the program work closely with a faculty sponsor  on a project to develop a plan for a path to the marketplace.

Director - Associate Dean David Murphy







Offers rigorous coursework, the annual business plan competition, workshops, extensive networking and mentorship, and hands-on learning experiences to aspiring student, alumni, and faculty entrepreneurs interested in new venture creation and launch.

Director - Professor Samuel Miller