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Summary Listing of ND Technologies (download a pdf report)



Spiral Trap, Method for Non-Contact Microfluidic Sample Manipulation

Microfluidic sample preparation tool that make use of electrokinetics. More specifically, this technology manipulates a liquid sample on the nanoscale through the use of AC electric fields by inducing an ionic wind to separate and concentrate particles in a sample.





Capture and Release Viruses using Amino-Functionalized Silica Particles

Functionalized silica beads can be engineered to trap bio particles, viruses, bacterium etc.





Oxidized InAlP as Host for Optically-Active Er

Improved waveguide and amplifier performance in optoelectronic devices, i.e. lasers.





Hardware for Radiation Dose Calculation

Utilizing this technology, more intricate and specific geometries can be quickly and effectively targeted during tumor cancer therapies.





Method for e.e. Prediction in Rh(I) Hydrogenations

Powerful tool for organic chemist when deciding on a synthetic route for a stereo compound synthesis. Chemist can predict the outcome or redesign the synthetic process instead of spending time in a trial and error experiments.





Interplasmid Transposition Demonstrates Piggybac Mobility in Vertebrate Species

Extremely versatile helper-dependent vector for gene transfer and germ line transformation in a wide range of eukaryotic species. Analyses of genome sequencing databases have identified piggyBac homologues among several sequenced animal genomes. This insect transposon is capable of transposition in primate cells.





Glass Catalyst for Diesel Particulate Filters

Novel material lowers the catalysis temperature for carbon soot. Improves engine performance and eases design restrictions.





New Antibiotics of a Novel Class-II

Novel antibacterials that target penicillin-binding proteins and/or other important cellular targets in order to inhibit growth of bacteria such as Enterococcus and Staphylococcus aureus.





Compressor Tip Gap Flow Control using Plasma Actuators

Use of plasma actuators in the compressor casings to prevent tip gap flow, improve compressor efficiency.





Iris Recognition System Based on Consistency Analysis of Feature Vectors

Provides a method for (1) determining which bits in an iris code are the most consistent and (2) using these bits to create a mask unique to a given subject, which improves recognition performance.





Rapid and Robust Crystallization of Proteins and other Biomolecules Using an AC Electric Field

By applying the correct frequency and voltage, the AC field breaks the hydration cage surrounding the proteins. This technique has shown to produce high quality crystals.





Intra-Cache Line Gather/Scatter

Intra-Cache Line Gather/Scatter (ICLGS) aggregates multiple loads (or multiple stores) from a single "cache line" into a single instruction speeding a microprocessor and invoking a decompiler instruction process.





Few Coexpression hub Genes Predict Relapse in Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer

Patterns of gene expression were analyzed to measure the aggressiveness of a breast cancer tumor. A formula based on this analysis produces a score that predicts the recurrence rate of breast cancer.





Delivery of Phosphatidylserine Conjugates into Live Mammalian Cells

A novel cell delivery system that incorporates facile conjugation of molecular cargo to phosphatidylserine for transport into living cells. This delivery system is reliant on the activity of the lipid translocases found in the plasma membranes of eukaryotic cells and offers route by which molecular cargo can be rapidly transported into cells via a nonendocytic mechanism. Delivery systems that circumvent endocytic uptake are desirable as they can facilitate more rapid delivery, and circumvention of lysosomal degradation.





Method of Improving Iris Biometrics Accuracy Through Analysis of Iris Code Matching Results

Provides a way to reduce the frequency of false reject results made by an iris biometrics system. Such false reject results may arise due to any of a variety of possible causes of distortion in the imaged iris texture, including inaccurate initial segmentation of eyelid or eyelash occlusion, specular highlights in the iris region, artifacts resulting from wearing contact lenses and other causes.





A Test for Relapse in Estrogen-receptor Positive Breast Cancer using the Expression Status of few Genes

Novel accelerated progression relapse test can separate patients with good prognosis from those with bad prognosis using an assay of four identified genes at a fraction of the cost of other methods.
Many breast cancer patients will remain relapse-free even without chemotherapy. However, accepted clinico-pathological variables are unreliable indicators of prognosis. The novel accelerated progression relapse test separates a patient with a good prognosis from those with a poor prognosis using a simple assay of four genes. It offers a test for relapse with power comparable to others on the market at a fraction of the cost.





Restoration of Surface GM1 Location Screen - a Marker for Rescue of Lipid Accumulation Defect  NP-C cells

Restoration of cell surface glycosphingolipid GM1 as detected by binding to cholera toxin may be used as an assay to screen for drugs capable of overriding the lipid accumulation defect.
Niemann Pick Type C is a fatal neurodegenerative disorder. Intracellular accumulation of glycosphingolipids and cholesterol is detected systematically and a hallmark of disease. Reduction of intracellular sphingolipid and cholesterol stores and reversion of disease phenotype can be achieved by promoting lipid efflux from cells. The invention is the idea that restoration of cell surface glycosphingolipid GM1 as detected by binding to cholera toxin may be used as an assay to screen small molecules or "drugs" that override disease-associated lipid accumulation defect.





Synthesis of HDAC Inhibitors:  Trichostatin A and Analogues

Two methods for the simple synthesis of Trichostatin A (TCA), an anti-fungal, anti-malaria, and antibiotic agent, which is one of the most potent inhibitors of histone deacetylate (HDAC). TCA is a useful therapeutic for the treatment of cancer and cholesterol conditions.





Techniques to Enhance the Architecture of MTJ-based MRAM Memory Arrays

A microprocessor that accesses memory that is structured within a common row or a common column.





Chemically Tailored Ionic Liquids for Gas Separations

Heterocyclic ionic liquids useful in the selective absorption and separation of gases.  Applications include natural gas purification and carbon capture.





Synthesis of HDAC inhibitors:  Trichostatin A and Analogues

Discloses a third method (in addition to those found in UND-2009-025) to prepare novel analogs of trichostatic acid, which can further be, manipulated into TSA derivatives, potentially useful for both anti-cancer and cholesterol treatments.





Method of Disease State Detection through Protein/Molecular Analysis

A number of disease states, such as ovarian cancer, do not have reliable or accurate diagnostic tests. Biologic elements associated with diseased cells can provide an early indication of the condition.





Sensitive and Rapid Bacteria Detection by Impedance Spectrometry in Confined Domains

Use of impedance spectroscopy for bacterial detection using the charge capacitance of the bacteria. A high frequency is used to determine the presence of bacteria.





A Nanoslot DNA Sensor for Quantitative Real-Time PCR

A means to quickly and accurately quantify the number of amplified DNA as amplification occurs during real-time PCR using a nanoslot DNA sensor.





Sequence Detection in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks

Soft-input sequence detection algorithms, based upon the Forward-Backward algorithm, for spectrum sensing in dynamic spectrum access networks to minimize the detection risk in wireless networks that use cognitive radio.
Spectrum sensing is a critical aspect of any wireless cognitive radio device seeking to utilize all channels in a bandwidth. This invention discloses a new system and method for detecting free windows for opportunistic users to take advantage of while limiting interference to other users.





Xylomanan Antifreeze Glycolipids

Antifreeze glycoproteins that have been isolated from a freeze tolerant organism. This glycoprotein can possibly be used for improved cryopreservation of biologically and medically important materials for research, organ and tissue transplant. 






Plasma Optics

An innovative plasma based adaptive optics approach that improves the performance of optical systems by reducing the affect of external optical distortions. Plasma optics use an array of miniature weakly ionized a.c. plasma "cells" to generate a fast responding highly controllable wavefront to compensate for temporal and spatial distortion. 





NDTB-1: A Supertetrahedral Cationic Framework that Solves the TcO4 and Other Environmental Problems

A supertetrahedral cationic framework with superb anion exchange capabilities. This material rapidly removes hazardous anions such as chromate and pertechnetate, which are hazardous solutions in the nuclear industry.





Screen for the Restoration of Reflexive/Behavioral Determinants of Whole Organisms, as a Marker for Recovery from Disease.

The restoration of a cumulative score of reflexive/behavioural determinants may be used as an assay to screen small molecules or drugs that minimize or abrogate neuromuscular function.





Rapid, Label-Free and High-Throughput Electrokinetic Membrane Biosensors with Surface-Charge Inversion Signature, Buffer Composition Control and Micro-Circulation Sensitivity Enhancement

A rapid and label-free biosensor for the detection of DNA, RNA and other molecular biomarkers at high throughput. This technology is based on how molecular docking can affect surface charge on a membrane and alter both local hydrodynamics and ion transport. This affect is can be measured sensitively and accurately.





Microfluidic pH and pH gradient control for rapid isoelectric separation and other applications

A pH actuator consists of membranes and microfluidics capable of dissociating water molecules to create a specific and controllable pH gradient.  This device is useful in the separation of proteins, dehybridization of biological molecules, and for processes that are dependent on the establishment of an isoelectric point (i.e. crystallization and pharmaceutical manufacturing).





Method and Apparatus for Soil Moisture Sensing

A wireless RF based system capable of detecting the amount of moisture in soil.  Saturated and dry conditions can be determined, which is useful in agricultural applications.





Incremental MIMO: A Simple Protocol for Communicating with Multiple Antennas in Wireless Systems

A method for using a device's multiple antennas for improved communication and data transfer.





Sulfite as a Supplemental Electron Donor for Wastewater Denitrification

Uses sulfite, which can be produced cheaply and on-site, as an electron donor in wastewater treatment facility.





Uranyl Peroxide Cage Clusters with Oxalate and Pyrophosphate Bridges

Provides the ability to separate uranium from a complex solution by the controlled formation of specific compounds.  This technology provides a means of concentrating uranium for use in the fuel cycle.





Probes for Lipid Trafficking

The lipid trafficking probes being developed at the University of Notre Dame for NPC, and analogous probes for other trafficking disorders, offer researchers a valuable tool for better understanding life-threatening, often fatal, diseases.





Hierarchical Carbon Nanotube Filters for Oil-Water Separation

A technology for the separation of oil in water using a nanostructured platform.





Solid State Battery by a Novel Processing Route

A novel route for processing solid-state batteries utilizing a solid-state electrolyte has been developed. This process is scalable, low cost, and not dependent on vacuum based deposition routes like current techniques. It is equally well suited for primary or secondary LI ion batteries, as well as Li-air batteries.





Dilation Aware Multi-image Enrollment for Iris Biometrics

Improvement in the performance of an iris biometric recognition system can be achieved by accounting for pupil dilation of the probed image.





Facile Solution-phase Synthesis of TiS2 Nanobelts

The facile production of titanium sulfide nanoparticles will enable its use in photocatalytic hydrogen production and Li ion batteries.





Terahertz Wave Amplitude Modulator

A device structure that utilizes layers of 2 dimensional semiconductor materials to control the emission and detection of THz radiation.





Disease Driven Engineering of Multifunctional Nanoparticles and Method of Use

Engineered nanoparticles functionalized to target malignant cells such as those comprising multiple myeloma, lymphomas, and leukemia can be used in numerous cancer therapeutics.  These nanoparticles can also be used to increase the effectiveness of current market therapeutics against cancers that exhibit drug resistance.





PrivacyRanger: A System and Method for Analyzing, Visualizing, and Managing Mobile Device Privacy Risk

A system that helps to secure mobile devices and the private and sensitive information that they often contain.  Real-time risk detection, assessment, and analysis is performed and displayed for the user.





 Method for Privacy-Protecting Display and Exchange of Personal Information on Mobile Devices

Sensitive personal information is encoded for later use by first responders and medical personnel in an emergency.





Method of Self-assembly for Inorganic Nanowires in Solution into Films and Yarns

A simple technique for semiconductor nanowire self-assembly, capable of producing either aligned nanowire films on a substrate or a free-standing yarn.  The process is compatible with various materials such as CdSe, CdTe, PbS, ZnSe, etc. either alone or in combination.  Additionally, these yarns can be impregnated with nanostructures for specific functions in advanced photovoltaics or polarization sensors.





Green Scale: A Design and Analysis Tool for Sustainable Buildings

A tool that holistically measures and evaluates building practices, from the commencement of the design process to the selection of materials, the methods of their assembly, and the long-term implications of design choices on the environment in conjunction with designed building energy use.





Ultrathin Body Nitride-on-Insulator Quantum Well Field Effect Transistors

A low band gap nitride channel (GaN) is buried between large band gap barriers (AlN) to produce a quantum well FET.  The device utilized high quality ohmic contact produced by a regrowth process.  The low band gap channel material can be optimized for specific applications (InGaN, AlGaN, etc).





Production of Monodisperse GaN Nanowires by Metal-assisted Chemical Etching with In-situ Catalyst Generation

An alternative method to VLS is reported capable of producing GaN nanowires and nanorods.  The simple "top-down" process is capable of producing wires exceeding 3 micrometers in length with controllable density and geometric properties.





Surface Enhanced Raman Substrate by Thermal Evaporation of Metal in Porous Filter Template

This invention is directed to the fabrication and use of a metal film for SERS (surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy).  Gold surfaces prepared with this method produce signals 10x better than the industry leading surface.  Silver surfaces the improvement is 100x to 1000x than the current technology.  The improvement in signal performance is due to the surface production method, which increases the "hotspot" density, which in turn produce a signal resonance when interrogated by specific laser frequencies thereby increasing the chance for analyte detection.





eDNA Capture System (eCS)

The eDNA Capture System consists of a high-throughput water filtration capsule containing a filter with a pore size optimal to capture the targeted material (e.g., shed microbial eDNA or living microbes). The capsule is a single-use, sterile unit that provides rigorous contamination control in both field and laboratory settings. After water filtration is complete, preservation buffer is added to stabilize the concentrated eDNA and the capsule is sealed for easy, contamination-free transport and storage.





Recombinant production platforms for the production of gephyronic acid and related polyketides.

Recombinant methods and materials for producing the polyketide gephyronic acid in recombinant host cells; recombinant host cells that produce gephyronic acid; novel polyketides related in structure to gephyronic acid.  The myxobacterial natural product, gephyronic acid isolated from Archangium gephyra and Cystobacter violaceus exhibits nanomolar cytostatic effects against multiple mammalian cell lines.  However, due to the unfavorable fermentation conditions and yields of the native producers, access to gephyronic acid is not currently amenable for medicinal viability.  Development of heterologous platforms utilizing the strain Myxococcus xanthus for the production of gephyronic acid provides access to significant, scalable quantities of the known bioactive compound gephyronic acid and the production of novel analogs and relates to the fields of chemistry, medicinal chemistry, medicine, molecular biology, and pharmacology.





Individually Addressable Conic Fiber Array for Molecular Detection

Commercial Optical fiber bundles with multiple micron-sized optical fiber cores are used in the detection of a large library of targets.  No labels are required in the method, which is capable of detecting protein, chemical, and heavy metal molecules.  Use of this portable platform can be an aide in DNA sequence operations.





Method of Producing Graphene and Other Carbon Materials

Graphene sheets of various layers and graphene with amorphous carbon compsites can be produced through a homogenous reactant mixture, which when locally heated produces a self-propagating exothermic reaction.





Structure and Process for Multiple-Conductor Wrap-Around-Gate Field Effect Transistors with Channel Dimensions Set by Epitaxial Growth

Structure and manufacturing method to create high current density FETs.  Well-defined vertical and lateral device dimensions accomplished on III-V materials provides improved devices power performance and gate control in a smaller form factor.





Plasmodium Proteins Useful for Preparing Vaccine Compositions

Novel DNA sequence and preparation of proteins for the treatment of Malaria.





Environmentally Acceptable Corrosion Inhibitor Formations for Metal Surfaces

Chromium free formula and process which preserves a compounds resistivity to corrosion. Eliminates the need for control of a regulated carcinogen.





Hermetically Sealed Fiber-Optic Bundle Feed through

Allows environmental conditions (e.g. pressure, temperature, moistures, etc.) to be maintained within a chamber or enclosure into which a fiber-optic bundle extends.





Purification of Gas with Liquid Ionic Compounds

The present invention provides a method for purifying a gas by contacting the gas with a liquid ionic compound. In one example natural gas may be purified. In another, CO2 can be removed from effluent gas streams.





Method and Apparatus for AC Electrospray

High frequency, low power device that can form an aerosol of nanoparticles. Applicable to biomedical devices, drug delivery, analytical instruments, etc.





Method and Apparatus for AC Micropump

Microfluidic device that utilizes electrosmotic principles.





Malley-Derivative Sensor and Probe

With a single non-intrusive instrument, wavefront derivatives and wavefront convective velocities can be measured directly; and these can be combined to yield Optical Path Difference (OPD) as a function of time.





AC Plasma Anemometer for Hypersonic Mach Number Experiments

Method and system for obtaining flow information, especially useful for high Mach number situations.





Rapid Particle Manipulation and Characterization

Separation and discrimination of particles based on size and interaction with an electric field.





Integrated DC Pump/Electrospray

Formulation and aeration of nanodroplets for use in analytical instrumentation and drug delivery.





Error Control Algorithm for Step-and-Shoot Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy

Significantly reduce Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy treatment time with the use of a novel algorithmic solution to the Static Leaf Sequencing (SLS) problem in IMRT planning.





Catalytic Cartridge for Hydrogen Production

Production of hydrogen gas in a fuel cell environment through copper based catalysts combined with noble metals.